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Hemp groups praise Gov. Ron DeSantis for vetoing legislation critics say would have harmed Florida farmers.

Florida Healthy Alternatives Association (FHAA), a trade organization for the hemp-derived healthy alternatives industry, said the bill DeSantis vetoed was a dangerous and misleading piece of legislation that would have singlehandedly killed Florida’s industrial hemp industry and irreparably harmed Florida’s hemp farmers.

“Supporters of this bill wanted to sweep the hemp industry out of business in the state of Florida, and we want to thank the Governor for stopping it,” said JD McCormickPresident of the Florida Healthy Alternatives Association.

FHAA says Floridians rely on hemp and CBD products to avoid harmful and addictive medications. The hemp-derived healthy alternatives industry protects 18,000 acres of farms, over 100,000 jobs, $7 billion in direct revenue, and $15 billion in economic impact in Florida alone.

Bret Worley, CEO of MC Nutraceuticals, campaigned for months for the Governor to veto the legislation.

“I’d like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for Ron DeSantis’ support of Florida’s regulated hemp industry. As an industry leader in advocacy, I look forward to working with the Governor and Florida Legislature next year to further solidify Florida as the gold standard for appropriate and safe regulation of hemp and hemp-derived products. Thank you again for protecting our regulated industry, the small businesses, family farms, and veterans that have come to rely on it.”

Hemp From Florida also praised the Governor. “This bill would have imposed harsh bans and restrictions on Florida’s well-regulated adult-use hemp industry. 

Thank you, Governor DeSantis, for saving thousands of Florida jobs by standing with our state’s regulated hemp industry, farmers, and small businesses with your veto of SB 1698. Florida has always been a beacon of economic freedom and prosperity, even when the rest of the world shut down, and today Governor DeSantis sent a resounding message that Florida continues to be open for business,” the group said.


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