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  • Louisiana Republican Senator Says Trump Should Leave the 2024 Presidential Race
    Earlier today, a Republican Senator from the south said that former President Donald Trump should dropout of the 2024 GOP Primary. During an interview on CNN, Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy said Trump will lose to Joe Biden and that any Republican in this Thursday’s Republican Primary debate (Which Trump said he will not attend) would … Read more
  • Georgia Can’t Change State’s 5-Year Pardon Wait for Trump Unless State Democrats Assist
    Advisors to some of Georgia’s most powerful Republican politicians dampened prospects of any reforms that would give Gov. Brian Kemp (R) direct authority to pardon those convicted of crimes, including former President Donald Trump. Earlier this week, I explained why Trump won’t be eligible for a pardon in Georgia for five years if he’s found … Read more
  • If Convicted in Georgia, Trump Won’t Be Eligible for a Pardon for Five Years
    Following Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis’ announcement of indictments of Donald Trump and 18 of Trump’s associates, the former president now faces 91 criminal charges across four criminal cases. While each respective case carries its own unique legal hurdles from Trump and his team of legal counsel, Georgia’s legal system is structured with an … Read more
  • Nikki Haley is in Denial About Her 2024 Election Odds – Opinion
    With no poll showing Nikki Haley breaking into double digits in the Republican Primary over the past five months, the former U.N. Ambassador isn’t doing anyone a favor with her presidential campaign, with the exception of former President Donald Trump. Haley failed to gain much traction during her initial launch as the first major candidate … Read more
  • West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin Might Run for President in 2024
    As political pundits continue to ponder whether or not President Joe Biden will face additional competitors in the 2024 Democratic Party Presidential Primary, another Joe is getting national attention due to recent news regarding a political organization known as “No Labels.” Manchin gained national attention when he defied his party to oppose Biden’s “Build back … Read more
  • Trump’s Attacks on DeSantis Could Hand Florida to Democrats in 2024 – Opinion
    Most nationally-known polls currently show former President Trump with a wide lead over Florida Gov. Ron Desantis in the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary, but Trump’s short-term strategy for success against DeSantis could prove to be disastrous against President Joe Biden in Nov. 2024. Despite a large lead in GOP Primary polls, Trump continues to criticize … Read more
  • Trump Should Focus on Virginia, Forget Michigan for 2024
    While the 2024 General Election is more than a year away, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the heavy favorites to win the nomination of their respective parties. While many traditional swing states have remained closely-contested in recent elections, new states, such as Georgia have emerged as unexpected battlegrounds, and some states that were solidly … Read more
  • Poll Shows Orlando Area Republicans Divided Over Trump vs. DeSantis
    Recent polling from Victory Insights shows strong support for Ron DeSantis in his effort to remove Disney’s special district. The poll, which surveyed registered Republicans in House District 35, also revealed that those Republican voters split over Donald Trump and DeSantis for the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary nomination. According to Victory’s poll, 69% of voters said … Read more
  • Trump Should Expect DeSantis to Attack in 3 New Areas – Opinion
    With Ron DeSantis officially joining the 2024 Republican Primary field, it’s only a matter of time until the Florida governor begins to distinguish himself from the current favorite, former President Donald Trump. Voters have already seen Trump attack DeSantis since the 2022 mid-terms, where Trump’s handpicked candidates in high-profile U.S. Senate races lost in key … Read more
  • Polls Show Majority Think USA is on Wrong Track, Disapprove of Biden’s Performance
    Discouraging numbers continue to plague President Joe Biden as he enters the summer with potential Republican opponents lining up to challenge his re-election campaign. According to new poll results from Rasmussen, only 28% of Likely U.S. voters think the country is heading in the right direction, while 67% of voters believe the nation is headed … Read more