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Schumer’s So-Called ‘Border Deal’ is Not Border Security

In response to a Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s second attempt to pass a border security bill endorsed by President Joe Biden, several Republican Senators voiced the opposition during a press conference hosted by Sen. Marsha Blackburn, (R-TN).

“Let me start by making one thing clear: Senator Schumer’s so-called ‘border deal’ is not a border security bill,” Blackburn said. “It is an election year political stunt designed to give our Democratic colleagues the appearance of doing something about this problem without doing anything. Why would Senator Schumer choose to bring forward legislation that has already failed once and stands no chance in the House? Well, Senator Schatz gave us the answer, and I quote, ‘We are tired of being on defense about this.’”

Blackburn said that Biden’s policies led to 10 million illegal aliens to cross the border into America, and referenced H.R. 2 as the better plan.

“There is a solution to this catastrophe, and one that takes ‘border security’ seriously – the Secure the Border Act or H.R. 2,” Blackburn said. “On May 15 of last year, H.R. 2 was received by the U.S. Senate from the House. For 373 days since then, it has been sitting in the Senate without so much as a hearing. If Democrats were truly serious about upholding the rule of law and defending democracy, they would join us and pass H.R. 2.”

Florida Sen. Rick Scott emphasized the risk of allowing Pres. Biden and Democrats’ to pursue an open border agenda.

“Everyone knows Schumer’s push to bring back this failed immigration strategy is a sham,” Scott said. “This is a desperate move to shift blame and distance Democrats from Biden’s toxic open border policies that have brought millions of illegal immigrants, drugs and terrorists across our border. This bill won’t solve Joe Biden’s crisis—in fact, it codifies his failed policies. The truth is, if Biden wanted to fix the border, he would do it today by enforcing the laws we have to secure the border, just like President Trump did. Then Biden and Mayorkas dismantled the entire immigration system and allowed it to become lawless…His own FBI director admitted that his policies are making our nation less safe. It is making the fentanyl crisis worse, and I do not want another 70,000 Americans to die from an overdose. I continue to hear from Florida families about how this crisis is ripping apart families, and we have to put an end to it. Unfortunately, it is the Democrats that don’t want to secure the border. They want to pass a massive immigration bill that codifies Biden’s open border policies into law. We HAVE to stop illegal immigration and keep Americans safe, and that’s going to require a new president in the White House.”

 Other speakers at the conference included Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), JD Vance (R-Ohio), Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.), John Cornyn (R-Texas), and Eric Schmitt (R-Mo.)joined Senator Blackburn in the press conference.


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