Tennessee Sen. Hagerty Accuses Biden Administration of Censoring Americans, Colluding with Big Tech

A Senator from Tennessee is accusing President Joe Biden’s administration of colluding with leading tech companies to censor online speech of American residents.

Yesterday, Sen. Bill Hagerty (R) held a press conference where he appealed to Democrats to discontinue their efforts to block passage of his legislation titled the “Disclose Government Censorship Act.”

First Amendment rights were the primary focus of Hagerty’s speech. Hagerty said that First Amendment rights have been “trampled upon” by the federal government. He also asserted that there has been collusion between the Administration and Big Tech to censor American speech, and called upon Democrats to reconsider their perspective on his Disclose Government Censorship Act. Hagerty also cited the case of Missouri vs. Biden, which was filed by current U.S. Eric Schmitt (R-Mo), when Schmitt was serving as Attorney General of Missouri.

“Ee had the opportunity to see the extent and the detail to which this Administration had gone to work with Big Tech to silence any opinion that differed from their preferred point of view, Hagerty said. “A Louisiana federal district judge heard this case. He determined that the actions of the White House violated our First Amendment rights, violated our constitutional rights to free speech. Let me share with you what that federal judge said about this case: ‘It arguably involves the most massive attack on free speech in United States history.’ That is stunning. Yet, the Biden Administration wants to perpetuate this. They want to continue to censor us.”

Hagerty vowed to bring his bill back to the U.S. Senate floor, and said he hopes the new facts will prompt more Democrats into joining Republicans to pass the bill.

Matt O'Hern
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